Tony Hawk's Underground

Tony Hawk's Underground 1.0

Underground provides players with the role playing experience of skate boarding
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Tony Hawk’s Underground 1.0 is a virtual reality game program that provides players with the role playing experience of a skate boarder who starts out skating on the street and gains the skills and abilities necessary to become a superb skater with their own skate park. With Tony Hawk’s Underground 1.0 skateboard players can create new tricks of their own and even explore 9 levels on foot or by car and design and create their own unique skate park with the featured Skate Park Editor. Once they have completed their creations, players can share their parks online. In their role as a skater, players can even give their created character their own face, or a friend’s, or even their pet’s. The Tony Hawk’s Underground 1.0 game starts with street level skating and players can get off their boards and hang on roofs, get into cars, and shimmy. In character, the player dreams of becoming a champion skater and competes against his/her rival ‘Eric’. Throughout the game, players expand their skills and the techniques of their moves and tricks, improving through the expandable levels until they reach their ultimate goal of becoming a superb skater. Variation factors include driving cars and even carts.

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  • Good virtual skater experience


  • Not available for the PC at the present time
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